Backcountry yurt business with transferable development permit for sale

Big opportunity for expansion from 2 current rental units up to 13 units with a lodge and shower house (already permitted).

Property Features

Reason for Selling

This has mostly been a one-man operation with just one yurt until I added another just three years ago. In that time I proved through guest testimonials that people love this property. It was my dream to be the one to develop the business but now have reached an age that I want to retire and that’s why I’m selling. Watch my video for more info

Mountain Town

Less than 5 miles from the mountain town of Creede, Colorado with grocery, gas and tourist shops as well as the nationally recognized Creede Repertory Theater

San Juans

Unparalleled views of the San Juans that must be seen to be believed. This is quite possibly the most scenic, yet accessible, backcountry development property in Colorado

Private Land

27 acres of patented, fee simple, private property almost completely surrounded by national forest. There are two rental yurts right now with permission for several more yurts and cabins, a lodge and shower house


First 3.5 miles of the road is maintained by Mineral County and the last 1.5 miles is an unmaintained 4WD jeep road that ensures maximum privacy at the property


8 years on Airbnb with over 375, 5-star reviews (average for all reviews 4.96)
Cliff Yurt
Eagle Nest Yurt


Hundreds of guest journal entries that include guest artwork and stories of their vacation visit to the yurts


Visited by guests from around the world for many special occasions; birthdays, anniversaries, surprise trips and even weddings. Read some highlights by clicking on the “reviews” tab

Night Skies

Because of it’s high altitude, dry atmosphere and lack of ambient light from nearby towns, Creede is considered one of the best stargazing locations in the U.S. The yurt property is at 10,600’ elevation and zero light pollution! Check out the many night sky guest photos on Airbnb

Property Currently Has:


Mark Richter
Phoenix Ridge Yurts, LLC
(303) 565-6787

Owner's Statement:

I have owned this amazing property for almost 30 years. I have made it my life’s mission to connect people back to nature and to the natural world which helps give all of us balance in our hectic modern-day lives.

I am a proponent of following the rules in business so that I end up with a business that can be easily sold without legal issues. That is why I spent years securing the Conditional Use Permit and forest service access easements through this and all of my properties which most people in this area don’t bother with. The transferable Conditional Use permit is priceless in a state where development rules and environmental regulations are stopping most others from being able to build this type of operation from scratch

When considering price, try playing with the numbers of up to 24 people paying each night, even an average of just $100/person/night. Using the income approach to value, it’s easy to see that this property is really a bargain. While it is true that the infrastructure buildout is not complete, the cost of putting up yurts is so much cheaper, faster and easier than traditional stick built buildings it’s easy to see the value. My vision for this property is as an upscale backcountry resort where guests will pay much more than $100/night each