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Stunning New Offering! Property and Business For Sale

This is truly one of the most spectacular backcountry properties offered for sale in all of Colorado. This incredible assemblage of off-grid parcels features huge mountain vistas combined with instant access to every mountain activity imaginable, yet it is located just minutes from the quaint hamlet of Creede, one of Colorado's best kept secrets.

The property is an island of private land surrounded by a sea of public National Forest lands with no other private property anywhere in sight. The acreage is perched on the edge of Campbell Mountain with jaw-dropping views of east Willow Creek Canyon 1,000 feet below, the perennial waterfalls of Phoenix Park and the stunning La Garita Mountains beyond. Yet most of the land is level and usable and features a beautiful high-mountain park with easy access on an established forest service road just 4 � miles from Creede.

Currently the property is being used and developed as an off-grid, luxury wilderness lodging business which will be conveyed with the sale. Originally established in the 1990's, the business went dormant for several years before reopening this year with a facelift and totally remodeled yurt. Read all about the business and the property, including pictures and videos, at No forest service permits are necessary to operate the business since this is private property and has been approved by the county for the yurt rental use.

The offering consists of three separate parcels that also allow for a home and a guest house on each parcel if desired, for a total of six living structures. This is an ideal opportunity for a family retreat compound where family members build their own homes in privacy (easily achieved because of the trees and topography) but are still in close proximity to each other. How about a big community building where family and friends come together to cook, eat and socialize surrounded by little cabins for sleeping quarters? Or build your dream home on the canyon overlook and continue running the yurt business. Or build a modest home and sell the other parcels to your friends. It's up to you, the possibilities are endless!

In summer of 2012 Disney shot most of their new movie The Lone Ranger starring Jonnie Depp and Armie Hammer in the canyons near Creede. I saw Depp at one of the local watering holes last summer. The amazing thing is that nobody approached him the whole time I was there. That's the magic of Creede; It doesn't matter how rich or famous or poor you are, privacy is respected. Check out the scenery of Creede in The Lone Ranger trailer here

Creede is also home to the nationally recognized Creede Repertory Theatre. CRT's award-winning company produces the best of contemporary and classic theatre May through September, with top actors from across the nation vying for limited acting positions to enjoy the magic of a summer in Creede. A true repertory theatre with 7 - 10 plays in rotation, CRT also hosts concerts, musical events and exhibits the works of the best regional artists in their lobby. CRT is the largest employer in Creede and the oldest repertory theatre in Colorado and they are celebrating their 47th season this year.

Summary of Property Features:

  • Located less than 5 miles from the historic and eclectic little town of Creede (the last census counted just over 400 residents), with its repertory theatre, sophisticated and eclectic downtown shops, museums and art galleries. Read all about Creede at
  • Includes Phoenix Ridge Yurts backcountry lodging business, two yurts and all related equipment. One of the yurts has been completely remodeled inside and out including our own innovation - metal exterior siding painted to look antique and rusted for long life and protection. No more recovering the yurts with new fabric every few years. Read all about the yurts and the business at
  • As mentioned, the offering consists of 3 separate parcels (approx. 10 acres apiece) and county regulations allow the building of a main house and a guest house on each separate parcel if desired. This property is also the perfect place for a family retreat compound where different family members have separate houses secluded from each other, yet not far away.
  • Parcels surrounded by National Forest lands. There is not another private property anywhere in sight and just a handful of private parcels anywhere in the vicinity. You truly fell you are in the wilderness (because you are), yet are just a few short minutes from Creede. Only 4% of Mineral County is privately owned, with 540,000 acres of National Forest.
  • Legal access directly off of U. S. Forest Service road # 503
  • Majority of the property is level and includes a beautiful high mountain park, the only flat land on the mountain. See an aerial photo (and other property photos) of the property under the Photo Gallery tab on the yurt website or by clicking here The forest service has landed helicopters with permission here in the past as it is the only place nearby to do so. You can too.
  • All parcels recently surveyed.
  • Mineral rights included.
  • Summer access is an easy 12-minute drive from Creede (4WD suggested).
  • County plowed roads to within 3 miles of the property in the winter, an easygoing snowmobile ride or ski in. In some years the county road is plowed to within 1 mile of the property.
  • Beat the summer heat! While the rest of the country is sweltering, the average summer daytime temperatures in Creede are in the 70's with lows in the 40's at night.
  • Magnificent drop-off views down 1,000 foot deep West Willow Canyon and stunning views of the La Garita Mountains and wilderness area just a few miles away. The La Garita Wilderness is the least used wilderness area in the state and is 4 miles away from the property as the crow flies.
  • Fascinating Wheeler Geologic Area is nearby with its volcanic tufts of ash resembling something from another planet.
  • Weminuche Wilderness is the largest wilderness area in Colorado and is just minutes away.
  • Wolf Creek Ski Area is a short 45-minute drive from Creede and typically gets over 400 inches of snow each year, the most of any ski area in Colorado.
  • World class, Gold Medal fly fishing on the nearby Rio Grande and dozens of smaller creeks and rivers. The headwaters of the Rio are located just a few miles from Creede.
  • Mineral County has hundreds of miles of single and double track mountain biking, hiking and cross country ski trails.
  • 96% of the lands in Mineral County are publicly accessible National Forest lands, with easy access to every mountain outdoor activity imaginable.
  • Nearby La Garita Mountains are nestled in the La Garita Caldera (an ancient volcanic crater), site of the largest known eruption on earth!


Visit to see all of the pictures and videos of the property!

I have personally owned and improved this property for over 17 years now and can honestly say that it surpasses any property I have ever seen in my 20-year real estate career of owning and selling off-the-grid land in this state. So why am I selling it? I have decided that it's time for someone that embraces the vision of the property to takeover.

Our big vision for the yurt rental business has been to build a high-end, semi-luxury backcountry experience for people using yurts instead of traditional buildings for lodging. Yurts offer a unique experience unlike any other lodging structure, with their round walls, clear Plexiglas domed roofs and simple but comfortable amenities. Our vision is to create a unique and different experience marketing to relatively affluent, adventurous types looking for something uncommon and interesting. There are plenty of low priced, sparsely furnished yurt operations around the country for people seeking a Spartan experience and inexpensive backcountry lodging. But there are none that we have found similar to what we have created. We feel the market is ripe for this kind of experience and that the potential for charging high-end prices and expanding the number of yurts and the amenities (like catered food) is great. We even have our own helicopter landing site in the meadow on the property.

This property provides an unsurpassed mountain setting with easy access that is the absolute key to success for the high-end business we envision. Without a stunning location to start with, nothing else matters. The amenities are secondary to the experience of staying on the property and that is what our clients are looking for and willing to pay for. Every person that ever visited this property left awestruck by its magnificence and grandeur.

As I have become more engaged with family and other projects, I realize that I don't have the time now to devote to developing the full potential of this property, whether as a backcountry lodging business, or as the most amazing family gathering place ever. This property deserves to be used and enjoyed.


As an exclusive perk, my friend Jeff would like to continue the vision with new owners if they are interested. Jeff has been the caretaker of this property for the last 7 years and knows everything about the property and about the Creede backcountry. Jeff and I have always shared the vision of an exclusive, high-end yurt rental business and we worked together on the yurt remodel project last summer. It was Jeff's idea to recover the yurts in metal to facilitate longevity and to create a new signature look for us.

For more information or to set up a showing give me a call



Contact:Mark Richter
(303) 565-6787
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